Brief History and milestones of Christ's Victory Int'l Mission of Liberia
1988--Pastor David D. Dann and Mrs. Annette M. Dann became one according to God's institution.

1998--David & Annette went to Liberia and launched the Christ's Victory International Mission.

1999--Leased three buildings for school, orphanage, and a worship center in Monrovia.

1999--First CVIM's Leadership Development Conference and first Engineering Ministries Int'l trip.

1999--Renovated a leased building and started the Christ's Victory International School System.

2000--Renovated a leased building and opened the CVIM-Children of Hope Orpahange in Monrovia.

2001-- Dedicated the Christ's Victory Int'l Mission's (CVIM) Children of Hope Orphanage.

2001--Bought 15 acres of land, groundbreaking for the CVIM-Children of Hope Orphanage.

2001--Second Engineering Ministries International trip to Liberia to design the orphanage home.

2002--Distributed clothes, books, Bibles and other materials to members-donated by Edwin Hodges.

2005--Lifewater dug a well at the CVIM-Children of Hope Orphanage.

2007--Orphanage building completed and moved the children to their new home. They were excited!

2007--Relocated CVIM to the new Headquarters' site in Monrovia. Built a temporary worship center.

2007--Dedicated the temporary church building in July at the Headquarters' site.

2008--A team from First Baptist of Palmetto to Liberia--VBS and leadership development training.

2009--Celebrated 10th anniversary of the ministry in Monrovia, Liberia.